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Check-In Information

JetLite offers various options of check-in besides the counter check-in at the airport. You may now avoid airport queues with their real time check-in options. You can also select your preferred seat & print your Boarding Card using Web and SMS check-in options. Various check-in options are:

Airport Check-in

Check-in usually starts 150 minutes before departure. Please check-in at the airport of embarkation atleast 75 minutes before scheduled time of departure. Upon arrival at the airport, please report at the JetLite counter to permit the completion of formalities. Guests are requested to report 120 minutes prior to departure time at Srinagar and Jammu airports for check-in due to extra security measures. In order to maintain schedules, the boarding gate will be closed 15 minutes before departure time. Guests who do not report at the boarding gate will not be boarded and their flight coupon will not be returned or revalidated for another travel date.

Web Check-in

JetLite, now offers an interactive web check-in facility that will improve airport experience and enable a hassle-free check-in process. With Web Check-in you can select your preferred seat and print your boarding pass from the comfort of your office or home.

Note: Above service is available for flights departing within 48 hours.

'Click Here' for Web Check-In!

SMS Check-in

SMS Check-in facility is now available on JetLite flights, which is a self-service check-in facility. With this service, you can check-in with a single SMS and instantly avail a confirmed seat number on your mobile phone.

SMS LiteC PNR Last Name/First name to 56388
e.g. LiteCABCDEFDe/Dia to 56388
Reply JetLite: Seat no 2A on S2705 for 29MAR BOM-CCU is assigned to you. Please collect your boarding pass from Check-in counters at least 30 mins prior to departure.

Tele Check-in

If you are holding confirmed reservations on JetLite flights, block your preferred seat by calling their round-the-clock reservation centre on 3989-3333 by affixing the local area code or on our toll free number 1800-22-30-20.

The cut-off time differs for Domestic and International flights on JetLite as follows:

  • 1. For travel within India: Call between 24 hours and 02 hours prior to your flight departure and Tele check-in.

  • 2. For international travel: Call between 24 hours and 4 hours prior to their flight departure and Tele check-in.

All tele checked-in members must report at the airport check-in counter no later than 60 minutes before flight departure and collect the boarding pass.

Same Day Return Check-in

If you are traveling within India and getting back the same day, you can get checked-in just once and save yourself the trouble of going through the check-in process twice. You can get your boarding pass for the return flight at the first point of check-in. For example, if you fly Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai the same day, you can get your boarding pass for your return flight at Mumbai. You can also have your return or onward boarding pass issued if you are returning the next day or travelling onward the next day within 24 hours of departure. (This is subject to having no baggage for the return or onward sector.) This service is available only when both the origin and return stations are computerised. Please note that return check-in for international sectors is not permitted. Onward through check-in will be done from domestic to international and international to domestic for connecting flights.

Through Check-in

JetLite now offer Through check-in between JetLite (S2) and Jet Airways (9W) for all inbound and outbound flights.

As a customer of JetLite, you can avail of their 'Through Check-in' facility if you fly within India, or if you have a connecting flight into, or out of the country. This means at the first check-in point, your luggage will be checked in and pre-labeled. And your boarding passes and baggage tags will be issued to you up to your final destination of the partnered airline.

For seamless check-in, please ensure you book your tickets on JetLite and Jet Airways with the same Name and Initial. Through Check-in is not available on flights departing Kathmandu, Nepal.

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